Rest in peace and power, Louise Hay

Rest in peace and power, Louise Hay. She went from a victim of childhood abandonment and abuse to a teacher of self-love, forgiveness and empowerment. Built an empire of empowerment.

Self-love author, educator, publisher. Louise's teachings about self-love, forgiveness and mirror work inspired the creation of Arts & Dreams. She was a miracle worker of empowerment.

A few years ago, Arts & Dreams received a grant from Louise's Hay Foundation. She supported healing in love and hope through making art. She supported Arts & Dreams workshops.

In 2016, the Arts & Dreams book for children, Rose's Summer of Arts & Dreams, was published by Balboa Press, a division of Louise's publishing company Hay House.

The idea that we can change ourselves, one loving thought and action at a time, by changing how we treat ourselves in our minds, is revolutionary. And it's and idea that is growing every day, throughout the world. 

What new world are we all creating because we choose to love ourselves, forgive ourselves and others, and treat ourselves kindly? Can't wait to find out. 

Thank you, dear Louise. "Life loves you."